About Me “What i Enjoy in Life”

The look on life after a stroke.

Who am I?

My name is Eric Lokker and I live in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. I’m married and am blessed with beautiful daughters and grandchildren.In 2018 i’ve been affected by two strokes causing my life to turn around. After almost a year of rehabilitation and hard work to recover i’ve decided to launch this website.

Who was I?

Before my strokes I was a very busy person who rarely made time for important things. Everything revolved about helping other people with bad influence and wanting to achieve less necessary goals.

What has changed?

People say you need to hit rock bottom to get back up stronger. With a lot of experience i’m able to confirm this statement is true. After my strokes I had to learn how to walk, talk, think and take decisions again. As of today i’m able to walk perfectly fine with the help of a medical brace around my knee. I even take walks without the support of a walking cane. I value my perspective on life and the people around me way more than I used to before. One of my current flaws due to the strokes is having short term memory loss. Because of that issue it’s quite exhausting for me to stay focused and concentrate on certain things. Of course i’m aware i’m not at the finish line yet but I tend to enjoy all the things i’m able to do.

What am I doing now?

After a day of working as a entrepreneur I find myself in need of some rest. But also on days on which I don’t work I tend to seek some relaxing time for the brain. That relaxing time happens… inside the woods! I partially thank my recovery due to walking in the woods a lot which I still do as of today. Like I said before; i’m not at the finish line yet. That is why I hope i’ll be able to keep walking in the woods for many years.

There are so many beautiful things.

During my (almost) daily walking sessions in the woods and places around it I see a lot of nice things. There are so many beautiful things. You just have to open your eyes. Because of that I started to delve into photography and decided to bring my camera (Nikon D5600 & D7500) to a lot of my walking sessions where I stroll through the most breathtaking spots. Looking through my pictures you’re able to find a lot of animals like deers.

Am I a professional photographer?

No, I am not a professional photographer and I do not aim to be one. My goal is to picture gorgeous things and share them with others. The pictures I take are no pictures a professional photographer would take. There are no watermarks because I still tend to believe in the goodness within’ people. Would you like to download one of my pictures? Go ahead and please let me know what you think of it. I would like to take you inside my world. The world of what I enjoy in life.

Kind regards,
Eric Lokker